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Friday, November 3

Jupiter in Scorpio is giving confidence to speak up about long held sexual harassment from the past. When noble the greater benific bestows confidence in tackling difficult subjects and bringing perpetrators to justice.

When used carelessly he provides confidence in expressing opinions that are overblown, exaggerated and in some cases downright lies.

Be very careful in applying a witch hunt mentality when dealing with sexual harassment because it muddies the water of truly heinous sexual crimes. Don’t allow Jupiter to inflame the pitchfork-and-torch bearing mob to run amok in the pretense of capturing Frankenstein’s monster. Jupiter is prone to exaggeration and being overly opinionated without gathering the facts – and when it’s behavior veers in that direction it becomes highly judgmental, not for the purpose of seeking appropriate justice but in feeling self-righteous.

There are vast differences between highly inappropriate sexual behavior vs. sexual crimes of those that should rightly be jailed. Do not demonize entire groups of people. Jupiter at its worst likes to paint in broad strokes. It’s important to balance him with Mercury (the facts) and Uranus (perspective).

We know in mythology that Jupiter spread his seed everywhere. It’s time he paid the price for his gross indulgences, but let’s not go about doing it in the vein of the French revolution where once the monarchy (those in power) were overthrown for just cause, then everyone else was beheaded for not falling in line.

Mob mentality is never good even when it starts with a noble cause.