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Monday, November 27

Try to get to the bottom of things today.  Take care of tasks that bring more security into your life.  The energy is about being focused and trying to make the material world work in your favor through harnessing resources.  Others can play the role of angel and help you to find out the necessary information needed to resolve problems.

Mercury is about to conjunct Saturn so this is more about working hard to get the information needed and focusing the mind on a work goal and solving problems. Don’t pick a fight under this energy. Approach difficult topics with honesty and the intent of getting things done. In personal situations don’t be passive aggressive or beat around the bush. It will only get you into trouble. Mercury with Saturn for the entire month requires a strong and focused communication. It may take several tries to solve a problem and get things done but keep on making the revisions and it will eventually be solved.
That pain in the ass adage, “If at first you don’t succeed……..” comes to mind this month. Don’t yell at me, I’m only the messenger.