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Saturday, November 11

Today is the final of three trines between Uranus and Saturn.  This is about the relationship between tradition and progress.  Uranus in Aries wants revolutionary change while Saturn in Sagittarius wants to hold on to old laws, philosophies and concepts.  A trine presents great opportunity in combining the two so that we can incorporate new progressive ideas while maintaining that of the traditional status quo that still provides solid structure and stability.  They work together in the trine so that society can incorporate these two concepts.  This helps economic growth as well as social growth.  Generations can learn to understand each other better with this aspect. 

This trine will be in effect even when both planets enter earth signs in 2018 and will slowly dissipate into the summer of 2018.
Personally everyone is re-evaluating alliances with friends, important groups with which they identify and political party affiliations.
It’s a good night for socializing.