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Saturday, November 4

The Taurus Full Moon culminates with a Venus/Uranus Opposition.  Don’t expect things to go as planned especially regarding money and relationships.  There’s a reversal or an unexpected turn.  Relationships have the potential to explode and there could be fighting and disagreements over money. 

This is a lunation that has lots to do with sex and money, sex and money, sex and money – will you negotiate with others for something in return? Will it be a fair negotiation? Will those in power assert their will in an oppressive and repressive manner. Or will there be a fair exchange of talent, money, possessions and power?
What do you bring to the table vs. the other person? It might be that you reverse places and bring something opposite to the deal than usual.
This is a pleasure seeking and indulgent full moon. Spend your money have a good time and do something unusual to show your affection to those you love.
Question your values and what you cherish in terms of emotional and material security. Will your attachments own you or set you free.
By all means, have sex, enjoy it, revel in it and pleasure yourself with earthly delights and passion.