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Thrusday, November 30

There’s a short void today from 1:37 pm to 3:38 pm (EST).  Good time to take a break and think things over and spend some quiet time reflecting in the middle of the work day.  With Mercury about to turn retrograde you may have a unique perspective on an old situation.  There’s something about revising one’s belief systems and reviewing anything that may be bothering you about them.  Perhaps it’s time to rethink a goal and the strategy it takes to reach it.  Use the upcoming Mercury retrograde to review the past, because in doing so, something you learn about it from that review, will reveal a better path to take.  It’s a very good time for some serious thinking. 

On this Mercury retrograde you’ll truly learn which brothers and sisters you can count on.
Tempers can be on the more explosive side today so monitor any knee jerk reactions and try to take a deep breath before expression your frustration.
The Mars/Uranus opposition is outing men for inappropriate, caveman sexual behavior. This is a shocking aspect as the truth hits us electrically, over the head and out of the blue!
It’s a great aspect for kinky sex if you want to experiment with that over the next couple of days. Try something new!