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Tuesday, November 28

Today is the first of three Mercury/Saturn conjunctions.  This is occurring because Mercury will be retrograde for most of December.  Those dates are today, December 6 and January 13.  For some of you that may cause a minor issue to flare up into something major that plays out over this two month period.  If so, try to view it as an important lesson that must be learned. 

I’ve talked about this conjunction a few times in the past month so check out some of my previous posts. This aspect is generally good for focusing your mind on the details of a work project and challenging situation. The retrograde would entail revisions, reanalysis and going over the details again and again to refine and make better. The Sagittarius part of the retrograde involves diffusion, dissemination and trying to control sloppiness. The Capricorn leg in January will be the payoff for all your hard work done during the retrograde. Be an adult, be responsible and chances are any difficulty will be worked out.
As I said this combination of planets can be very productive but the retrograde entails dealing with snags, delays and problems in order to make things work better. Legal matters can finally see a settlement for some of you. Whether the resolution is good or bad is a matter of whether the law sides with you but the astrology says many legal matters will be settled.
This combination of planets is not good for personal communication especially if you’re not being forthright and honest. You’ll be caught in a lie! When dealing with family and loved ones on this retrograde don’t fuel the fire. Seek openness and honestly approach a difficult conversation. If you don’t approach an emotional situation with good intentions then this energy will adversely affect you. Even with openness there will be words and conversations you find difficult to hear but at least you’ll know where you stand and can talk about a compromise.