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Wednesday, November 1

A horrible day yesterday.  I live exactly where the terrorist attack took place in New York City.  I was walking back from the gym on the bike path where it all happened only 10 minutes before the tragedy.  Got to my apartment and moments later there were police sirens and helicopters circling my building.  I live right on the Hudson River at North Moore Street so there is an expansive view.  It brought back sad memories of 9/11, another horrific event I was witness to from this same apartment.  I’m only 10 blocks north of the World Trade Center and had a full view of the attack from my 19th floor balcony.  I was also home the day the Miracle on the Hudson plane made a crash landing on the Hudson River.  The plane drifted downriver, past my apartment in full view  before settling in the water at the pier outside my building where it remained for a week.   

I must have an angel all my shoulder keeping me safe. I believe why I am witness to such public events is that the ruler of my Ascendant and my Sun is Venus. I was born with Venus at zero degrees Cancer which fellow astrologers and students will recognize as the world axis. I find myself in situations of prominence without even trying, especially pertaining to Cancer matters which in this case would represent the home and where I live. My home forms a connection with the world you might say.
In looking at the chart of the event the thing I notice right off the bat is the Ascendant is at 29 degrees of Aquarius. That is in harsh aspect to the 28 degrees Leo eclipse degree from August 21. The face of the event connects through the ascendant which is a very public area of the chart – the ascendant would be the projection of the image. It’s a point of manifestation.
We are really feeling the Scorpio time of year rearing its ugly head; here in a negative way. We also see Scorpio imagery through the Mueller investigation and the sexual scandals rocking Hollywood.
The Aries Moon opposes Mars in Libra all day. This will provoke emotional reactions and strong debates in the media, as well as socially in your daily interactions. People will be hot-headed today.