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December 2017

Saturday, December 30

The Gemini Moon makes a challenging aspect to Neptune and if you’re sick, like I am, this is an energy that is not good for self diagnosing or feeling better.  It says to stay in bed, rest, sleep, watch TV, listen to music, meditate and do restorative things for soul and spirit.    If you’re not ill then go out and have fun. The only thing about this year’s holiday …Read More

Tuesday, December 26

It’s a good day to return gifts if you must since Mercury is no longer retrograde and the Moon makes a harmonious aspect to Mercury all day.    In bigger news, in the next few days Mars is triggering the upcoming lunar eclipse of January 31, 2018.  Pay careful attention to events now because the action can be a pre-cursor to greater things that are resolved or come to light …Read More

Monday, December 25.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and peace to everyone.  The astrological trends are always unique each season.  This several things are happening to initiate the New Year.   Mercury has just turned direct so he is slowly moving forward and that means by the beginning of the year our tricky friend will be more comfortable than he has been for December.  This has been a good retrograde for year-end …Read More

Tuesday, December 19.

Today Saturn enters Capricorn, the sign of its dignity, where it will remain for 2 ½ years.  The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 1988 through 1990.  That means it’s the Saturn return of those years.  Since end of the year coincides with a Mercury retrograde take time to reflect back on that time period to get an idea of what the next couple of years might look like.  …Read More

Monday, December 18

New Moons are a time of initiating projects and planting the seeds for creation.  Today is the Sagittarius new moon and rebirth is one of the messages of this sign.  The future is important and having hope, optimism and new meaning is important.  Perhaps explanations will be at hand in the coming weeks.  Sagittarius is a legal sign so there is a new tax law being passed, so they say, …Read More

Thursday, December 14

The Moon is void all day tomorrow so today is the day that counts in terms making important decisions.  Allow the Scorpio Moon to help you get to the bottom of things and annihilate all that work remaining on your desk before the weekend.  Aspects to Jupiter expands the energy and Pluto presents opportunity to continually resolve matters.  It’s a good day to make money.    Tomorrow isn’t a total …Read More

Sunday, December 10

Mars has just entered Scorpio a sign in which it does well.  Mars is about fighting and in this sign it sticks to it’s guns and doesn’t budge.  It doesn’t compromise and must win and will wait until the right moment to bring things to closure swiftly.  Don’t expect family and social gatherings to be easier as everyone stands their emotional ground and with Mercury being retrograde arguments are fraught …Read More

Thursday, December 7

It’s a good day for the sisterhood to stand up to misuses of power and for those with lots of Virgo or Scorpio in their chart pay attention to important events today that act as triggers to the upcoming lunar eclipse of January 31.  There is safety in numbers.    The fires in California are unfortunately one of those eclipse triggers.  Sadly, no home or hearth is safe from the …Read More

Tuesday, December 5

Today is the direct station of Chiron at 24.19 Pisces.  This energy reflects so much with healing past sexual wounds having to do with victims of predatory behavior.  Because the last degrees of the last sign of the zodiac are involved, there’s profound effect on the collective unconscious guilt and shame that has been buried for centuries.  It’s as if the judgment card has come up in the tarot deck …Read More

Monday, December 4

There’s a brief VOC moon from 2:13 pm till 3:37 pm (EST).  Good time to lay low. Mercury has just turned retrograde so of course there will be typical retrograde challenges with machinery, transportation and communication. Things are particularly frustrating on this retrograde due to the close proximity of the planet Saturn which has a stalling and sombering influence over mental energy. Do the work and then be willing to …Read More