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Monday, December 4

There’s a brief VOC moon from 2:13 pm till 3:37 pm (EST).  Good time to lay low.

Mercury has just turned retrograde so of course there will be typical retrograde challenges with machinery, transportation and communication. Things are particularly frustrating on this retrograde due to the close proximity of the planet Saturn which has a stalling and sombering influence over mental energy. Do the work and then be willing to do it again.
It feels as if you may have been moving forward but there are last minute details to review and change. An important project shouldn’t be launched until after the retrograde and even then better to wait till Mercury enters Capricorn on January 11.
It’s important on this retrograde to find meaning in important events from the recent past. Deepen your quest for getting answers and explanations. There’s a higher purpose to everything that is happening even if you can’t see it quite clearly. The recent Gemini full moon is being colored by Neptune. Positively the influence is felt through deeper spiritual analysis, more compassionate communication and allowing the mind to be influenced by the imagination and fantasy. Listen to music, write poetry and be more romantic. It’s a good month to reassess the past and purge that which needs purging. Negatively some of this influence leans toward lies, deception, delusion and indolence.
Chiron stations direct tomorrow and that energy is only heightening the sense of having to heal, purge and process a painful situation.
Memories are strong this holiday season.