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Saturday, December 30

The Gemini Moon makes a challenging aspect to Neptune and if you’re sick, like I am, this is an energy that is not good for self diagnosing or feeling better.  It says to stay in bed, rest, sleep, watch TV, listen to music, meditate and do restorative things for soul and spirit. 
If you’re not ill then go out and have fun. The only thing about this year’s holiday weekend is both Saturn and Uranus are involved.  One planet is somber and serious and the other is rebellious and excitable, so you are going to see both ends of the spectrum play out in big ways. 
An example of how Saturn in Capricorn may effect holidays would be if you’ve worked hard all year, put in the effort and dirty work, or have planned a major party for the last several months with due diligence, then Saturn may reward you with a great New Year’s payoff in a serious way.  Partying and celebrating may turn out to be a great achievement.  Or a great bonus has been delivered.
But for many Saturn may just bring on the doldrums and you’ll want to hibernate and stay inside and be relatively anti-social.  Or if you do go out it won’t be the most festive of weekends as everything has a more somber tone. Astrology is all about timing and Saturn in particular is about karma and reaping rewards, or not.  It’s that age old adage of, “you reap what you sow”. 
Uranus on the other hand throws unexpected events, people and situations into your path that you didn’t see coming and this energy is very prevalent New Years day into the first week of January.  This can reverse the mood that you are currently experiencing by a 180 degree turn in direction.  If you’re joyfully happy now you may not be by January 3.  If you’re depressed and on the brink of despair now you may have a sudden reversal of fortune as the year begins.  It could be that severe, but it doesn’t have to be, as it all depends how intensely these two planets personally aspect your chart. 
Another interpretation of how these two planets work during the holiday is that you may have miserable times with family but friends provide great excitement, fun and vitality or vice versa.  Pay attention to what’s going on and you’ll learn something very important.