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Tuesday, December 5

Today is the direct station of Chiron at 24.19 Pisces.  This energy reflects so much with healing past sexual wounds having to do with victims of predatory behavior.  Because the last degrees of the last sign of the zodiac are involved, there’s profound effect on the collective unconscious guilt and shame that has been buried for centuries.  It’s as if the judgment card has come up in the tarot deck and we pay off our karma and see what we have collectively hidden from our consciousness.   The collective dirty little secret that is always talked about in private circles is now brought out for a sacrificial slaughtering and then healing. 

Chiron was leader of the Centaurs, a healer, priest and mentor of heroes.  A wise and sage creature that bridged two worlds.  In the chart he represents healing of deep wounds that never truly go away but remind us that our pain and suffering offers us the gift of compassion and knowledge in helping and guiding others through their healing pain.  Chiron teaches us empathy.  There’s an understanding based upon the sign and house placement of natal Chiron along with the aspects it makes.  Chiron is one of our inner spiritual voices that can establish a link between ordinary worldly consciousness and intuitive knowledge linked to a higher entity.  Chiron is a dual figure, half beast/half man and therefore deals with man’s inherent duality as part of the human condition. 

It’s other meaning based on mythology is rather sordid.  Outside of Chiron who was highly educated and principled,  the Centaurs were depicted as beasts of raw instinct, prone to drunkenness and uninhibited, often violent sexuality that in extremes leads to rape,  lasciviousness, pedophilia and any number of the deadly sins.  While his positive side has much to do with the higher octave of Sagittarius, his lower octave correlates to all that is negative in the sign of Taurus.    

On the collective level the world is processing Chiron in Pisces as he exposes the sexual abuse that has haunted mankind for millennia.  At the last degrees of Pisces we become aware of the buildup of energy and the importance of looking in the mirror of our collective soul to try to right the wrongs and make a bright, fresh new beginning when the Centaur makes its Aries ingress in mid April 2018 coincidentally along with the Sun. 

Another important astrological phenomenon is the fixed star Regulus has recently precessed into tropical Virgo after having been in tropical Leo for soooooooo long.   The King is dead, long live the Queen!   This is a major psychological shift away from the patriarchy towards the matriarchy.  Virgo is a sign that has to do with healing the pain and suffering of the common person and those in powerless positions.  Read your mythology surrounding Demeter/Persephone/Pluto and that triangularization of energy having to do with women being raped by men.  Persephone represents any young, under aged virginal child who doesn’t have a voice.  So the voices of the invisible, the weak the underling, the underdog, the common man is getting the royal treatment as Regulus honors this beautiful sign.   Regulus is highly regarded and it bestows anything it touches with high honors, luck and royal treatment.  This is a distinctly feminine sign as opposed to Leo which is highly masculine and rules special people like Kings and Gods.  This is reclamation of feminine power.  Just read the headlines these days and you see on a daily basis the patriarchy being tumbled by the women reclaiming their power.  The Goddess archetype is demanding to be embraced into integrated into daily life and honored with an equal position.  Demeter went on strike and now women are on strike!