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Friday, January 26

Mars enters expansive Sagittarius and he likes to fight for the truth in this sign but one must realize that your truth is not necessarily another’s.  The truth is mutable and adaptable and there is a difference between facts and truth.  Philosophies are debatable and so is truth.  One can fight for their belief in God but it doesn’t necessarily mean another person has to believe your truth about what God is.  Sagittarius is a very open-minded sign so it should be expected that others listen to what you are saying and expounding without necessarily agreeing with it.  It is your right to have full expression without hurting others.  But when does a belief become harmful?  Well, that is a question for a much, much longer philosophical analysis than I am willing to ponder here. 
Because we are approaching a lunar eclipse in Leo next week everyone will be expressing and emoting emotionally and dramatically.  It may be important to take a break and chill out sometime between all the Shakespearean drama. 
If you’re heading back to school Mars in Sagittarius is a great motivator for learning. 
Practically the Moon is Void this morning until 12:40 pm (EST).  It’s a void when you can still get much accomplished.  When Luna enters communication oriented Gemini make the calls, send the emails and texts and communicate with words of substance and value that have been formulated overnight and into the early morning. 
There may be more arguments and confrontations at work today so allow others to express opinions.  Debate rigorously without being a bully.