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Saturday, January 20

Mars is triggering the upcoming solar eclipse on February 15, 2018.  For some there may have been an action-oriented event providing a foreshadowing of what the eclipse is about.  Perhaps an angry outburst, accident, attack, illness, or major work project. 
The Sun and Venus are now in Aquarius with Mercury joining on the 31st.  Start paying attention to friendships.  Be aware of drama queens and keep an objective distance in order to stay healthily detached without seeming to avoid a sticky situation.  All the drama is about to be revved up and we’ll continue to hear a great deal from the worlds of entertainment and politics.  Become more social on an intellectual and cerebral level and take joy in group activities and bonding with those of a like mind.  Have an open mind in relationship challenges.  Fight for equality; personally and on the world stage. 
Pay attention to any negotiation coming to a conclusion that’s been taking forever.  This can harken back to mid-April 2017. 
The Moon is in dreamy Pisces today conjunct its ruler Neptune.  Good timing for a Saturday night full of romance, dreams, drinking and all sorts of escapist activities.  Let down some of the rigid boundaries now that there’s a slight easing off of all the Capricorn energy that has dominated since the beginning of the year.  Communication is heightened and sensitized.