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Saturday, January 6.

There’s a great deal of excitement in the air today and it’s a perfect time for boisterous socializing thanks to a Mercury/Uranus trine and a Jupiter/Mars conjunction.  Conversation and intellectual discourse are hallmarks of Mercury and Uranus while the Mars/Jupiter connection can expand physical and sexual activities.  Activities with friends may be more fun than those with family. 
Humanitarian work and fighting for causes that are close to your heart are also activities that are fruitful today.  Help the underdog or those in need and help them find a voice if they have become invisible to the world at large. 
There can be fights or heated debates but try and keep an open mind and agree to disagree if things veer in an intense direction.  Don’t pick an unnecessary fight.  Opinions are strong and some may not be clearly thought through so be able to back a viewpoint and make a clear argument for what you believe. 
All in all tonight’s energy is lively, fun and full of high spirits.  Tomorrow is a more sobering type of day. 
The Moon turns void at 9:51 pm (EST) and remains that way through 7:14 am.