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Thursday, January 11

Mercury enters Capricorn today after its long sojourn in Sagittarius due to the recent retrograde.  This will be an action-oriented placement helpful towards communication of practical matters.  Those with very ambitious charts and looking towards achievement will benefit most from this placement.  Think of Mercury in Capricorn as having the voice of authority.  If you’re in positions of power then communication, speaking, lecturing and delivering your message can be pushed to the limit. 
Conversations for everyone will be tinged with more earthy logic and common sense.  This can be a productive period provided you structure your time and put in the effort towards goals.  This isn’t a frivolous placement for the trickster.  He has to communicate with a sense of purpose and responsibility.  Mercury joins Saturn, the Sun, Venus and Pluto so the Capricorn stellium will be felt strongly as we head into the coming week.  Everything about the material world takes much more focus.  The pitfall here is becoming too rigid and conservative in your thinking, actions and entire outlook to life.  Uranus in Aries will temper this pile up of Capricorn planets by forcing a more objective perspective if things get weighed down with a leaden energy. 
In general the tone of the entire day is rather upbeat even if the Moon is void the entire day.  Much work can be accomplished today but don’t initiate any major new projects.  Stay the course with what is already on your plate and if you have an urge to reach out to a new client or business prospect lay the groundwork and get your ducks in a row but don’t make the contact until tomorrow.