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Thursday, January 18

This is an important week.  Tuesday’s new moon at 27° Capricorn is the first of the year, occurred with 6 planets in Capricorn and ushers in the winter eclipse season which last from now until the end of February.  There will be a tale to be told and often in a more fated way.  For all, it will be about the passage of time but how each individual experiences that passage will be very different.  Some will feel pain and suffering from separations others will feel the pay-off that comes through hard work and effort.  Some will grow stronger, some will break under pressure. 

Pay attention to the seeds currently being planted because in the bigger scheme of things these new projects and events will have legs and the time for sewing what you reap will be on the lunar eclipse of July 16, 2019 and throughout that summer.  This is a Capricorn lunation so it takes time to see the culmination.  That means the payoff can be potentially greater if you focus, pay attention and put some good solid hard work towards something important that supplies more enduring security. 

As we enter eclipse season you will witness more agitation and freaking out.  There’s a tendency towards exaggeration, therefore take things with a grain of salt.  Everyone, including you, will be overreacting so don’t make any major decisions that can wait till the energy equalizes at the beginning of March.  Of course, if the eclipse brings about big changes that require immediate action, then by all means deal with the situation as demands, but remember decisions that can wait, should wait, because as I said, in March you’ll be making better informed decisions with the use of a more rational and level-headed mind. 

Mark your calendar:  The lunar eclipse is January 31 at 12° Leo and the solar eclipse is February 15 at 27° Aquarius.  Those with planets within 2 or 3 degrees on either side of those numbers in the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio) will experience the energy more intensely. 

Nothing is as good as it seems and conversely nothing is as bad as it seems during an eclipse period.  Just knowing that can keep you more aware and put situations in perspective which is always a healthy way to look at things.  Look back to the last set of eclipses in August and see how these might reflect to that time period in some way.  Events generally link from one eclipse season to the next. 

You’ll see things heat up in politics and world events during this period so it’s always interesting to watch the news and see how the drama is being played out and the hype gets even more hyped.