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Tuesday, January 2

The work year gets off to a bang under the aegis of a Cancer Full Moon in conjunction with the direct station of Uranus.  This lunation concerns family, needs and security and Uranus is about progressive movement forward towards the future.  It’s about combining the security needs we all are concerned with that keep family, home and hearth safe, while incorporating a high, risk-taking energy towards innovation, progressive new ideas that foster growth and creative self-expression and the courage to take those risks even if things don’t always pan out.  They are diametrically opposed energies but they can work very well together. 
You can’t stay home and just relax on your laurels and rest within the safety and security of the family, for if you do than you remain complacent, stagnant and dependent.  Neither can you be free, wild, rebellious, revolutionary and a free spirit always trying new things and moving in new directions because then you lack grounding and a sense of duty and responsibility and things devolve towards chaos.  You must learn to combine the two energies. 
The Cancer full moon may make you want to lie in bed all day and that’s normal on the day after the New Year but an unexpected event may force you to get up, off your ass and take charge in sudden and unexpected ways. 
The challenge of the day would be to keep feelings and emotions in check and not fly off the handle in an erratic way.  A sudden flash of inspiration can solve a seemingly insurmountable problem. 
Watch for frozen pipes bursting in this very extreme cold weather. 
Combine the best of the past with the new ideas of what the future has to offer.