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Tuesday, January 9

Today is the superior conjunction of Venus to the Sun at 18.52 Capricorn.  This begins the full moon phase of Venus when she becomes the evening star and sets after the Sun and her brightness is beautifully visible towards sunset.  She’s farther from earth and is said to be more pleasure seeking and indulgent with an affinity to her Taurus nature in terms of sensuality and her Libra nature in terms of socializing.  This phase lasts until October 26 when she becomes the mornings star. 
The conjunction in the sign of Capricorn emphasizes her earthy side where material things can be bought and sold.  Pluto is part of this conjunction so be aware of intense and powerful relationship coming to an end as well as others that are about to be formed.  It’s about power, sex, negotiations, betrayals, jealousy as well as forging strong and passionate new relationships.  In the coming months ask yourself what price are you willing to pay to make endings and new beginnings?  Death will undoubtedly factor for many as the process of life unfolds and inheritances may have to be straightened out.  Be aware of triangularized relationships and how they can veer towards soap opera melodramatics. Secrets will be forged or revealed. 
The Moon is void today from 11:12 am till 3:05 pm (EST).  Mars and Venus are in harmony today so it’s a good serious date night.  Make a commitment to those who enhance a sense of material and emotional security.