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Wednesday, January 10

It’s a great Scorpio Moon for processing feelings and making sacrifices or surrendering to a higher power.  Music and art have strong powers of healing as well.  There’s plenty of opportunity to assert one’s will on the material plane as well and deepen one’s sense of emotional and material security. 
Project the power of your will to express what is in your heart.  The power can be used for whatever you choose so it’s nice if your motivation and intention is of a higher kind. 
Mercury leaves its shadow today so the messenger of the Gods is running full speed ahead without any encumbrances, although in the sign of Sagittarius he can be overbearing and sloppy so pay attention to details because in being too quick work can become slipshod. 
Eris stations direct so someone may throw a wrench into plans.   Anger can rear its ugly head if you neglect to invite someone to the table to join in on the party or festivities.  This can apply to the boardroom and work situations especially if you don’t respect the contribution of others. 
Try to get as much work done today because the Moon is void all day tomorrow.