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February 2018

Tuesday, February 20

Eclipses always occur in opposite signs so the polarity is extremely important, especially when it comes to national and world events.  The signs represent what topics will come to consciousness and where we need change.  The events of the eclipses will foster and encourage that change.    The Aquarius/Leo polarity is about our children.  Leo represents our birth children that emanate from our loins while Aquarius rules the children of …Read More

Tuesday, February 13

When an Aquarian isn’t behaving in an upright, true blue and honest fashion which the sign is known for it is because they are receiving challenging aspects from the other fixed signs: the urge to seek pleasure, wealth and sensuality (Taurus), sex, money and power (Scorpio), romance, gambling and drama (Leo).   Today is full of ideas exploding into your head and due to the quickness of the energy those …Read More

Saturday, February 10

Venus enters Pisces, the sign of its exaltation. The planet of love and affection enters the sign of unconditional love so at its highest form this is a truly winning combination. In the midst of any eclipse angst allow Venus in this position to help you have compassion for others in the face of adversity. Remember the good from the past and that may help you to balance out the …Read More

Thursday, February 1

Adding to the craziness of yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo is the fact that transiting Ceres is part of the equation as she is currently residing at 11 degrees Leo and that degree also coincides with the planetary node of Neptune.  Ceres makes us aware of where we are and aren’t nurturing ourselves towards optimum health while Neptune adds a sense of confusion, illusion, delusion and cloudiness.  It’s very, very …Read More