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Saturday, February 10

Venus enters Pisces, the sign of its exaltation. The planet of love and affection enters the sign of unconditional love so at its highest form this is a truly winning combination. In the midst of any eclipse angst allow Venus in this position to help you have compassion for others in the face of adversity. Remember the good from the past and that may help you to balance out the present. The Moon will sextile Venus when it enters Capricorn after 9:21 pm (EST) and this will aid to bridge gaps and build new relationship structures.

There is a long void from 11:38 am until 9:21 pm (EST) so allow this Saturday to exist in a free floating fashion. If you’re spending time enjoying life, rather than working, then the Sun square Jupiter will add to your indulgence, enjoyment and overspending. Take all fun to a deeper level that brings emotional and material security. This energy is about nurturing bonds in situations with those whom you feel a close attachment.