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Thursday, February 1

Adding to the craziness of yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo is the fact that transiting Ceres is part of the equation as she is currently residing at 11 degrees Leo and that degree also coincides with the planetary node of Neptune.  Ceres makes us aware of where we are and aren’t nurturing ourselves towards optimum health while Neptune adds a sense of confusion, illusion, delusion and cloudiness.  It’s very, very hard to decipher feelings right now.  Do not take knee-jerk action or make knee-jerk decisions in response to the actions of others.  You do not have a clear head about all the information and perhaps not all the information is readily available.  Use the positive side of Neptune toward meditation and spiritual guidance.
The Neptune/Ceres element of this eclipse has a great deal to do on an evolutionary level with the sexual abuses of women and children and particularly because the sign is Leo it is bringing out the hidden elements in the entertainment industry coupled.  The polar opposite sign is Aquarius where the Solar Eclipse will take place on the 15th of the month and that sign rules politics and politicians.  Aquarius likes to clear the air and get a bird’s eye, objective view.
Pluto is triggering his own node as well and on January 9 Venus made her superior conjunction with the Sun alongside Pluto so the lord of the underworld has dragged Demeter, Persephone and Aphrodite down to his home turf in order to face the dark side.  Perhaps there is a sexual healing going on personally for you as well as on a collective level.  There may be a very important relationship in your life undergoing intense transformation and you’ll have to decide in the coming months whether or not to redefine to insure its continuance or let it go.  Either way there is a major shift in love.  It’s about healing but that doesn’t necessarily mean staying together.  Think deeply, profoundly and seriously about what is occurring on a psychological level.