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Tuesday, February 13

When an Aquarian isn’t behaving in an upright, true blue and honest fashion which the sign is known for it is because they are receiving challenging aspects from the other fixed signs: the urge to seek pleasure, wealth and sensuality (Taurus), sex, money and power (Scorpio), romance, gambling and drama (Leo).
Today is full of ideas exploding into your head and due to the quickness of the energy those ideas may spew out your mouth in rapid fire speed before you’ve had time to process the information and present it in a reasonable way.  You’ll have to edit yourself or have someone you trust nearby to do it for you. 
You can take the spotlight today if you earned your place in the Sun.  If you’re presenting visionary ideas in a lecture, class or through teaching of any kind, they will be well received provided you’ve done your homework.  We’re building towards an Aquarian eclipse on Thursday so the air is full of electricity and everyone and everything is pregnant with possibilities.