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Tuesday, February 20

Eclipses always occur in opposite signs so the polarity is extremely important, especially when it comes to national and world events.  The signs represent what topics will come to consciousness and where we need change.  The events of the eclipses will foster and encourage that change. 
The Aquarius/Leo polarity is about our children.  Leo represents our birth children that emanate from our loins while Aquarius rules the children of the world such as adopted children, foster children, step-children and societies children. 
We have horrible events surrounding mass shootings of children.  This last one in Florida is significant in revolutionary ways because the children assaulted are teenagers and are about to come to an age when they can vote and make change in the political atmosphere by electing those into office that represent the views of their generation.  Many of these teenagers are verbally astute, intelligent and able to speak eloquently and clearly about what they want society to reflect as they get older.  These are the children that have grown up since Sandy Hook and Columbine.  They’re the generation of victims that have been involved and indoctrinated in a very violent society around going to school.  Since birth they’ve consistently participated in active shooter drills. They’ve watched one massacre after another and watched adults do nothing.  They are now taking to the national air waves, look in the camera and are articulate, outraged and focused when expressing their viewpoints. They are challenging the status quo.  They’re planning a march next month.  This generation of victims is growing up and they are taking the bull by the horns.  Millenials will outnumber baby boomers and this is the wave of the future.  This is one topic where the millennials far surpass my generation in intelligence and caring for society and its safety, and above all the safety of our children.  Most young people find it perplexing (as do many older people) as to why assault weapons are so easy to purchase. They realize that there is Aquarian power in large numbers and groups and it’s the only way to influence the political process.  The tea party did this, the NRA did this, the Christian right has done this and now this group is growing in numbers to effect major change.  When the outcasts of society (Aquarius) rally in number, they can create major movements.
Eclipses occur at the same polarity near the same degree every 19 years so one must look back 19 years ago to see how that time reflects to this time as we reflect back to how we’ve evolved or not evolved.  Well, 19 years ago was the Columbine massacre and that was really a defining moment in our public consciousness about the vulnerability of our children to gun violence in our schools.  This is a major wake up call on this set of eclipses as we question how we have answered that call from 19 years ago.  Aquarius demands an awakening!  The Columbine Massacre opened up a conversation about gun control laws, school bullying, pharmaceutical and mental health issues and subculture life. 
This is a major reflection of the eclipse energy in action.  A revolution (Aquarius) for the sake of children (Aquarius/Leo) and the toppling of the King’s Power and unquestioned leadership (Leo).  Children (Leo) support the infrastructure of society (Aquarius).