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March 2018

Friday, March 30

The Moon is void until 1:52 pm (EST).  Afterwards Luna enters Libra where she’ll culminate to a Full Moon tomorrow morning.  This is a sign of partnership and a lunation that helps achieve balance in situations. It’s important to see the other side and gain awareness of what is lacking and what is needed to complement a situation or point of view.    Become more aware of the value (or …Read More

Wednesday, March 28

Uranus enters Taurus on May 15.  This will mean many things far too numerous to list in a Facebook post. Those things that have kept you stable, grounded and rooted in the material world will make major shifts.  It can cause upset for those who don’t deal well with sudden change. It’s all about a reversal in material security. Values will most certainly shift.  Those values that you have held …Read More

Tuesday, March 27

The Leo Moon aligns with Mercury in the morning and that’s a great energy for communicating in a more expansive and creative style. Show off through the use of words. The mind works in imaginative ways. A square to Jupiter in Scorpio can bring excessive behavior in the evening and over indulgence in any kinds of addictive or obsessive behaviors. Over spending is high on that list. This is an …Read More

Saturday, March 24

There’s a T-square being formed today with the Moon opposing Mars both in square to the Aries Sun.   The Sun in Aries is about action taking center stage.  Aries is the sign that rules guns and violence.  Mars is the planet that rules the sign of Aries and in Capricorn it harnesses its energy towards solid and constructive action. It also represents fighting against the status quo.  The Moon represents …Read More

Friday, March 23

Mercury has just turned retrograde and as I said a few posts ago this transit, along with the recent Pisces New Moon and Chiron at the last degrees of Pisces will hold back the action oriented feeling normally associated with this time of year.  The birth of spring is more or less delayed till the Aries new moon on April 15.    Use this Mercury retrograde to go back in …Read More

Wednesday, March 21

The Sun may have entered Aries yesterday but Spring will be a little late this year.  There are three reasons for that.  First, the recent New Moon this past Saturday was in Pisces so that will dominate in terms of feeling drawn to the past and staying in a mode of purging and processing.  On top of that the lunation was conjunct Chiron which is having us continue to address …Read More


Chiron is finishing up his transit through the sign of Pisces before its Aries ingress on April 17th. Two days before this ingress, Mercury will have stationed direct at 4° Aries, placing it in a position to drag Chiron along with it from out of the underworld into a new beginning. Mercury is very much playing his role as psychopomp, guide of souls. He is an emissary to Hades, who …Read More

Wednesday, March 14

The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Uranus so it’s a day to feel a little bit like a genius in some way.  It’s easy to receive messages, ideas and enlightenment in the flash of a lightning bolt.  It’s a great night to attend an astrology lecture.  Stimulate the mind.  Do something unexpected and take a risk today.  Chances are it will pay off.  A little luck is in the …Read More

Monday, March 12

Mercury entered its shadow over the weekend so for the next couple of weeks you’ll become aware of nuisance problems that may need to be addressed more directly on the retrograde which begins on the 22nd.  The weekend was relentless and exciting with lots of cosmic aspects in play.    Today as the work week begins the Moon’s main aspect to color the day before she turns void at 11:36 …Read More

Wednesday, March 7.

By Jove! Jupiter is slowing down tremendously as it gets ready for it’s retrograde station in Scorpio on Thursday.   We can view Jupiter’s effects playing out very well in the realm of mother nature.  Two huge Nor’Easter’s in less than a week and tomorrow’s has yet to arrive.  The principle of Jupiter is expansion and growth, therefore it effects events like this by hiking up the snow totals, tides, …Read More