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Chiron is finishing up his transit through the sign of Pisces before its Aries ingress on April 17th. Two days before this ingress, Mercury will have stationed direct at 4° Aries, placing it in a position to drag Chiron along with it from out of the underworld into a new beginning. Mercury is very much playing his role as psychopomp, guide of souls. He is an emissary to Hades, who pulls us out of the darkness and depths of the collective unconscious of Pisces into a new beginning and clarity of Aries. There is a summoning of the dead in order to bring new life. 

Chiron at the last degrees of Pisces asks us to analyze the wounds of the collective unconscious, the entire world, our spiritual past of pain and suffering that has existed not just from recent history, but for ions, ages and millennia. Before we can have a new beginning there must be a collective analysis of the past–our collective dreams and nightmares. What do we have to sacrifice and surrender in order to foster a healing? What percentage of our dreams have we achieved and which ones have turned into nightmares that need healing? How have we been enslaved is a Pisces conundrum, and it’s a question that should be debated. Pisces is a mutable water sign, therefore it has to do with processing information on a feeling level. How is information processed via the heart as well as the mind? It’s about the shadow of our our collective belief systems, the shame and guilt that has been associated with some of them for centuries and how to move past it.  

In Greek mythology, the centaurs were depicted as creatures of raw instinct prone to rape, violence and all forms of drunkenness and lasciviousness. Chiron was the exception, and because of that, he was honored as King of the Centaurs. He was a teacher, healer, philosopher and wise soul who passed on knowledge and wisdom to many heroic figures left in his care. He was an ennobling teacher bestowing spiritual values.  

One of the biggest movements and revolutions we see as Chiron transits the last decanate of Pisces is the collective pain and suffering we have around male sexual abuse. We have been aware for an extremely long time of male sexual abuse, but most often things are left to the courts in severe cases. Otherwise there has been little done other than to say “boys will be boys.” The “MeToo” movement is monumental in its effect to change all that and attempt to heal sexual behavior and sexual role models for both men and women. The sex scandals of major political and Hollywood figures involve men such as Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore, who have been sacrificed on the altar in order to bring about a massive shift in consciousness.  

There is a major shift as the debate on the second amendment, gun control and the right to bear arms escalates. The energy is more extreme since the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. It feels different from all the shootings that have occurred since Columbine. As a matter of fact, the Valentine’s Day Parkland Florida shooting happened on an eclipse. We, as astrologers, know that eclipse cycles repeat every 19 years; therefore this is the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, an event that sprung forth from the eclipses 19 years ago. The two sets of eclipses, separated by 19 years, mirror each other through these events. 2018 is the time to take matters to the next level. The “NeverAgain” movement may now carry more weight and power in the same way the “MeToo” movement has gained meaningful traction.  

Recent news has highly sensitized us to the plight of the DACA Dreamers who are seeking asylum in the United States. There are many who came here illegally, in the Piscean form of lies and deception, and who tried to remain invisible. These are the types of lies and deceptions that stem from surrender and sacrifice in order to find salvation. Many of these dreamers felt it necessary to be obscured and remain in the shadows. Obviously, there are some who use lies and deception to get into the U.S.A. nefariously, but that’s not what DACA Dreamers are about at all. Now there is an opportunity to offer Piscean compassion to assimilate these people legally into the fabric of society. The United States of America is built on so many immigrants who dreamed of a better home as they escaped from the poverty and suffering in their homelands. This country’s foundation stands strong upon the dreamers of all kind who emigrated here to manifest their dreams. The Piscean magnifying glass begs us to continually deal compassionately with immigrants and their plight. It’s the source and root of so much of the American Dream.

Chiron’s entrance to Aries coincides within a month of Uranus entering Taurus. This is an important combination of outer planets. Chiron, having recently done it’s purging of past collective wounds, now wants to make new beginnings in Aries based on what we have learned. The action is needed in a cardinal sign based upon the processing, debate and discussion in a mutable one. Uranus in Taurus will unground old-style values as it tries to ground us in new ones. It will also be a rather uncomfortable energy as it jolts and discombobulates the Taurean inertia and conservativeness. Taurus does not like change! Security issues will definitely be on a roller-coaster ride. Uranus in Taurus will reverse something about our material values and ground the progressive energy into something hopefully more stable and secure. We will either get more secure with the daily chaos, and do nothing about it, or rebel against the old, worn out, stale traditions and try to create new ones. It’s important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater as there are many traditions from the past that are highly worthy of maintaining and tweaking. Uranus has to nurture intellectually with concepts and through ideas that help society as a whole. Uranus in Taurus can also polarize people towards groups and affiliations that represent their values, thus separating and divorcing us even further from each other.     

There are so many deep wounds surrounding gun violence, sexual abuse and immigration tied to our collective guilt and responsibility. At the core, what is needed is a deep spiritual and philosophical discussion, and a shift around our beliefs towards these issues. Chiron in Pisces has dug up the deeply imbedded underbelly of society and mirrors to us that to which we have swept under the carpet and been blind. There is a miracle which is needed, and it’s about dissolving the underbelly and transcending to a higher level. The shift of consciousness is occurring now in Pisces and the new beginning will be implemented in Aries. Chiron will retrograde back into Pisces on September 25, 2018 and will enter Aries once again on February 17, 2019, where he’ll remain until 2026-27.

There is duality to Chiron. He is half man/half beast, so he alternates between the physical body and the higher mind. It is a planetoid that bridges the gap between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents the limits of the material world and our personal connection with it. Uranus is the first of the three outer planets, which represent more psychological complexes and things beyond our earthly knowing and existence. Uranus wants to free us from the chains of Saturn that bind us to the material world. Chiron bridges the gap between the two worlds, so that we can honor both the inner and outer landscape of our existence.  

In casting the Aries Ingress chart for Chiron in Washington, D.C. on April 17, 2018, we see Pisces rising with Chiron at 0° Aries bridging the first and second houses. Uranus is in Aries firmly in the 2nd house. I would suggest that there is a bridge in our identity as a country. We are becoming more aware of healing the wounds of our outer appearance and of our aggression that are visible to the world. It’s time for a truer and deeper sense of our core values, resources and substance. I think our country’s resources such as oil, the stock market and money in general will have to be urgently dealt with as Uranus enters Taurus. Pisces rising suggests the country is still lost and confused and asleep in a sort of dream state and may not be ready to let go of the past. The two rulers of the ascendant, Jupiter and Neptune trine one another from the 1st and 9th houses, suggesting there is a great deal of discussion about war, religion, spirituality, foreigners, immigration and philosophical belief systems that need processing and healing since the water signs are involved. These two planets have strong beliefs and opinions, and the trine doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get along. Everyone will be firmly resolved that their beliefs are the right ones. With water so highly emphasized, it’s important to look to the past and learn from it. Let’s see if Chiron can bridge the gap.

Expect all the above issues to be debated and continually processed during Chiron’s back and forth motion over the cardinal point, keeping it all firmly planted in the public eye for at least another year.  

Joseph Addeo is a Level IV NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer and serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Chapter. He can be reach via his website at www.josephaddeo.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/josephaddeoastrologer.