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Monday, March 12

Mercury entered its shadow over the weekend so for the next couple of weeks you’ll become aware of nuisance problems that may need to be addressed more directly on the retrograde which begins on the 22nd.  The weekend was relentless and exciting with lots of cosmic aspects in play. 
Today as the work week begins the Moon’s main aspect to color the day before she turns void at 11:36 am (DST) is a square to Uranus.  There’s a fight with wanting to keep solid structures and traditions in place while moving forward in a progressive manner.  This could be the gap between generations, young vs. old or different ideologies.  If there’s some kind of blow out or blow up in the morning then think about it during the void which lasts till 6:44 pm.  You’ll need the time to think, reflect and get a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture before manning the battle stations.  There’s much purging and clearing of the air as we approach the last new moon of the zodiacal year in Pisces this Saturday.  The current action has more to do with clearing the decks for a fresh start.  It’s time to do some soul searching and be a spiritual warrior.