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Saturday, March 3.

The Libra Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn.  Relationships come under the sobering lens of Saturn today.  It may be hard to compromise, or a work situation could cause a conflict with a social engagement.  At it’s best you can combine a social engagement with career networking but otherwise it’s one or the other and someone will be disappointed. There’s a certain amount of responsibility focused on today’s activities. 
This an energy that brings consciousness and awareness to what motivates your wants and needs in a relationship.  It keeps you honest. 
Neptune is also very strong these days as the Sun is alongside it.  Creative activities are the best way to use this especially in music, theatre, photography, the fine arts and anything the lifts the soul and spirit out of the mundane and into something divine.  This is also an escapist energy in terms of drugs, pharmaceuticals and alcohol so be mindful if there is indulgence.  The energy is extremely social and connective tonight and feelings are sensitized so make sure you’re grounded in reality so that the fantasy and the imagination can have roots that grow deeper while they climb the heights of ecstasy.  Keep a firm grasp on the mind/body/heart connection.