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Wednesday, March 7.

By Jove! Jupiter is slowing down tremendously as it gets ready for it’s retrograde station in Scorpio on Thursday.
We can view Jupiter’s effects playing out very well in the realm of mother nature.  Two huge Nor’Easter’s in less than a week and tomorrow’s has yet to arrive.  The principle of Jupiter is expansion and growth, therefore it effects events like this by hiking up the snow totals, tides, winds and general destruction.  It makes storms bigger, more frequent and longer lasting. 
So whatever is going on in your life right now and through the weekend will be expanded, heightened and magnified.  If you’re in a bad mood that may grow stronger unless you allow the more noble side of Jupiter to keep you in a philosophical frame of mind. 
Allow Mercury/Venus entering Aries to provide confidence in expressing yourself and using the written and spoken word with power, vision and clarity. 
The Moon makes only harmonious aspects today, therefore it will be much easier to access those good, happy feelings of contentment without working too hard.  Keep an open mind.  Probe the depths of something important that deepens your belief about what life is all about.  The processes of life take on more meaning like birth, death and illness.  Learn as much from all your experiences in the next few days. There’s a psychological mood in the ethers.