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Friday, May 11

The Aries Moon makes a flowing aspect to Mars while the Taurus Sun harmonizes with Pluto.  The planets of power, action, energy and competition get a healthy boost of energy. Take it all the way today and close up the work week with a bang.

Because power is the name of the game today and the aspects are harmonious, you can use the energy to meet your purposes. Is your quest for power beneficial to others as well as yourself or are you using this energy for underhanded and nefarious deeds? It’s one of those times when you’re planting the seeds for karma. So if you get something wonderful for doing something ruthless, underhanded and hurtful towards others then you will eventually reap what you sow.

Mars/Pluto energy is tricky because it requires negotiation tactics and you might have to be shrewd in your approach and use your influence in secretive and subtle ways. This is when it’s important to have a conscience.