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Monday, May 14

Mars has entered its shadow in preparation for his retrograde that formally begins on June 26.  From now till that time, if this retrograde hits you in momentous ways, you will start to get an idea of the issues and challenges you must come to terms with on the retrograde.  The actual retrograde will be the time to figure out how to fix things or make them better and deal with them to the best of your ability.  Pay attention now to those things you may have to re-act, re-start, re-energize, re-work and re-invigorate on the retrograde. 
Uranus will enter Taurus tomorrow and I’ve written quite extensively about that recently so double check my recent posts.  It’s the day before the new moon, although the Moon is in Taurus today, so you may feel the need to begin to consolidate action beginning today even thought the actual timing is tomorrow. 
The general tone of today is upbeat and optimistic if a bit inflated and unrealistic.