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Wednesday, May 30

We are coming off an expansive Sagittarius full moon.  For me the weekend was about expanding my mind and broadening my astrological outlook by attending the UAC 2018 conference in Chicago that assembled thousands of Astrologers from all over the world sharing information, knowledge and teaching.  What did you do to learn new concepts, theories and philosophies?
This lunation is also one that has to do with travel, excess and over doing things so there may have been a tendency to bite off more than you can chew.  For example, the conference I was attending held about 10 different lectures all within the same time period so there was so much to choose from and there were times when I had to split my time and mind between two different classes and perhaps spread myself too thin by not sticking to one topic or discussion. 
Because it was a holiday weekend I’m sure many of you did things in an over the top way like partying, eating and high energy, physical activities. 
The Moon is void of course all day in the sign of Sagittarius and this void is colored by the planet Neptune so there is a huge feeling of deflation coming off of the high of the full moon.  There may be a sense of confusion, disappointment especially if it’s time to get back to reality.  This aspect along with the void moon suggests NOT making important decisions today.  Think about things and receive impressions but don’t make practical decisions.  Mercury has entered Gemini and that will definitely help with logic and collecting information but his power will be better used in a pro-active way on Thursday.  With today’s energy he may help to sort out the more confusing elements of what’s going on without necessarily making total sense out of things. 
Mars is currently triggering the upcoming lunar eclipse of July 27th so pay attention to people entering your life as well as situations involving work, sex and anger.  There is a story unfolding, evolving and you’re getting glimpses, hints and message right now as this plays out in late July and throughout the late summer.