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June 2018

Wednesday, June 13

Today is the Gemini New Moon and yesterday Mercury entered Cancer.  The name of the game is communication with a personal touch.  Infuse thought with feeling and project a caring and thoughtful tone when expressing through words as translated by thought.    Venus enters Leo and everyone becomes more showy and demonstrative in how they express love and affection.  Spend money in the next month on entertainment and the arts.  …Read More

Tuesday, June 5

Mercury forms a conjunction with the Sun today in its home sign of Gemini.  There’s an attunement to communicate with integrity and honesty combined with an empathetic, compassionate tone courtesy of the Pisces Moon.  It’s definitely a day to be logical and communicate ones creativity with great style and flair.  Use the Pisces Moon for inspiration rather than confusion and being in a fog.    The other major aspect is …Read More

Saturday, June 2

The day is colored by a Venus/Neptune trine.  Any romance or romantic feeling that was initiated last night will flow throughout the day.  This doesn’t have to be a sexual or sensual romance with a partner but can also be something more psychological or having to do with love of a child, a concept or an event.  Broaden your definition of romance.    The Moon is void all day so …Read More