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Saturday, June 2

The day is colored by a Venus/Neptune trine.  Any romance or romantic feeling that was initiated last night will flow throughout the day.  This doesn’t have to be a sexual or sensual romance with a partner but can also be something more psychological or having to do with love of a child, a concept or an event.  Broaden your definition of romance. 
The Moon is void all day so let the mood flow into more escapist activities.  Things should really liven up after Luna enters Aquarius at 6:06 pm (EDT).  The first aspect she makes is a square to Uranus so there’s a great deal of excitement in the atmosphere and the air will shift noticeably after this void is over.  Routines need to be overthrown tonight and if plans go awry just go for the ride instead of fighting it.  Gathering in groups of friends or at venues that have large crowds can be fun if that’s your thing, otherwise it can have a rather claustrophobic feeling for those that don’t like crowds and noise. 
There can be conflict with friends tonight over the agenda.  There’s a great deal of stubborn energy around tonight, so someone will have to make a compromise before there’s a break or separation of any kind. 
Sensitive types may be overwhelmed by tonight’s energy but high spirited people will love it.