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Tuesday, June 5

Mercury forms a conjunction with the Sun today in its home sign of Gemini.  There’s an attunement to communicate with integrity and honesty combined with an empathetic, compassionate tone courtesy of the Pisces Moon.  It’s definitely a day to be logical and communicate ones creativity with great style and flair.  Use the Pisces Moon for inspiration rather than confusion and being in a fog. 
The other major aspect is a Venus/Pluto opposition.  This can be confrontational where one person has all the power and the other can be easily manipulated.  It’s also an aspect that suggests one person may have all the money while the other has all the talent and ideas.  This could be a day when you spend more money than you want.  Others will either be collaborating with you on an equal basis or someone is trying to get a better deal and will negotiate hard.  This aspect can be quite sexually stimulating so you may want to turn up the heat tonight. 
Everyone will notice a power dynamic strongly at play in all relationships today.  Keep a level head.