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Wednesday, June 13

Today is the Gemini New Moon and yesterday Mercury entered Cancer.  The name of the game is communication with a personal touch.  Infuse thought with feeling and project a caring and thoughtful tone when expressing through words as translated by thought. 
Venus enters Leo and everyone becomes more showy and demonstrative in how they express love and affection.  Spend money in the next month on entertainment and the arts.  This is a party loving combination of planet and sign so indulge in more fun, romance and games. 
New Moons are always good times to make new beginnings and the sign of Gemini easily accommodates doing things in twos.  It’s a multi-tasking energy but just be careful not to be scattered or spread yourself too thin. There may be two choices, two paths, two homes.  Someone important may open up a dialogue that helps you get information about another point of view. 
Mars conjunct the south node can bring bad news and more loss.  This is the culprit in charge of the list of recent suicides that have been in the news.  People may take drastic action if they feel left out, like an outsider or isolated in any way.  Some may be sacrificing friendships and others may detach themselves from an important group affilitation.