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July 2018

Friday, July 27

Today is the Lunar Eclipse at 4.45 of Aquarius so those who have planets between 2 and 6 degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio) will be effected by this energy the most.  It could be a rather intense and bombastic weekend since Mars is involved.  If the energy is poised to be used wisely then there could be a purge, clearing of the air and a …Read More

Wednesday, July 25

To add to the eclipses and the retrograde of Mars, today we have Mercury turning retrograde in the dramatic and showy sign of Leo.  Retrogrades aren’t bad but they do make us rewind and take stock of how we’ve been handling the planetary energy.  Mercury is always about communication, siblings, travel, writing and technical devices as well as our daily work routine and habits.  Leo adds a theme of sticking …Read More

Tuesday, July 24

The Moon is void most of the day from 4:22 am till 5:39 pm (Eastern Time).  It’s a day to review details and back step a bit to reflect and reconsider all the work you’re in the process of dealing with.  Don’t initiate new projects today.    Venus opposes Neptune.  This is a highly romantic aspect so for those on vacation will enjoy it the most.  Those who have time …Read More

Sunday, July 22

We are heavy into eclipse season and with Mars recently transiting in conjunction with the south node the lunar eclipse will get a great amount of play over the next few months.  This means that there will be tremendous drive to clear the decks of old ways of taking action, being a warrior, sexual expression, ambition, competitive habits and anything that fall under the rulership of Mars.  The Aquarian part …Read More

Thursday, July 12

There’s a Solar Eclipse occurring Thursday into Friday at 20.41 degrees of Cancer.  This is a big deal mostly because this degree is exactly opposing transiting Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn.  A Solar Eclipse means the sky is dark.  It is a heightened new moon.  It doesn’t mean a fated event will happen in the next two days (although for some that may be true) but the seeds are planted …Read More

Tuesday, July 10

Venus enters Virgo.  Love becomes hard work and that will be doubly so since Mars is retrograde acting antithetical to his nature.  It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty work out, work through or work away from relationships.  Those that stand the test of time will grow stronger from the analysis and those that are constructed on a foundation of clay may end once the retrogrades are over.  …Read More

Thursday, July 5

Chiron has stationed retrograde at 2.25 Aries over the 4th of July holiday.  Old wounds may resurface that you previously thought you had dealt with to completion.  This happened to me and it wasn’t pleasant but with Chiron you should be kind to yourself and realize that certain types of wounds never go away.  They may lay dormant for a while but eventually rear their ugly head just to remind …Read More