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Friday, July 27

Today is the Lunar Eclipse at 4.45 of Aquarius so those who have planets between 2 and 6 degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio) will be effected by this energy the most.  It could be a rather intense and bombastic weekend since Mars is involved.  If the energy is poised to be used wisely then there could be a purge, clearing of the air and a warrior spirit in seeking the truth of a situation.  Seeking that truth or clearing that air will lead to a better understanding of who or what needs to stay in your life and who or what needs to go. 
Of course, for some folks, events may be out of your control and if they are, you have to process them the best way possible within the level of your growth and awareness. 
It’s always educational to watch the news during eclipse season and this one, while very active this weekend, remains highly active through the end of August, so be aware. 
Aquarius is a sign that values remaining detached in the height of highly emotional situations.  Try to gain a bird’s eye view of events as opposed to wallowing in a sea of personal self-involvement.  There’s a bigger picture that must be seen within the drama of our very personal lives. 
The Sun joins the north node today and your identity and rebirth is about where you feel special, alive and vital by the house in which your Sun resides in the natal chart.  Get in touch with your talents and creative self-expression according to that house.  That’s where you’ll find happiness, joy and a regenerative quality.