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Sunday, July 22

We are heavy into eclipse season and with Mars recently transiting in conjunction with the south node the lunar eclipse will get a great amount of play over the next few months.  This means that there will be tremendous drive to clear the decks of old ways of taking action, being a warrior, sexual expression, ambition, competitive habits and anything that fall under the rulership of Mars.  The Aquarian part of the equation can bring about a revolutionary type of energy with sudden and abrupt separations, divorces and detachment and can involve friends, group affiliations and organizations. Aquarius is also a charitable, political and humanitarian sign so there may be more energy and insights in overhauling those systems. It’s an Air signs and so many intellectual concepts are being debated and, needless to say, technology is in a constant state of transition and evolution and will continue on that course and this Mars/Node transit will only make your latest technical device obsolete within a month as the “new” and “improved” only continues to stimulate the minds of those who think the future is about constant change.
In order to come to a higher level of awareness regarding all this you may have to devolve into the old behavior pattern in order to get to rock bottom and a true understanding of what needs to be changed by experiencing  it for one last, gut wrenching time.  The past is important to experience right now to become more aware of the old habits that need to be changed in the future once Mars moves direct.  He (along with some other planetary motion) will have an effect on us for the next several months particularly on July 24, 25, 26 27, 28, August 17, 28  – September 14, 15, 16, 27 and October 3, 28. 
It’s important to remember that on a lunar eclipse there is “too much light” in the sky and on a solar eclipse the light of the Sun is blocked so there is “too little light” in the sky.  Either way information is skewed one way or the other.  The ego is bruised and dark when there is no light and you feel lost and not sure of the right path and when there is too much light of the Moon there is an over-emotionality as everything seems to be bombarding you all at once and the confusion in this case similarly prevents you from making a clear choice but for the opposite reason as there might be too many options and too much information. 
If you are forced to take major action during an eclipse because the event that occurs is monumental or overwhelming then of course you must and the remainder of the six months (till the next eclipse) is about the fall out of the event.  But, if a decision can wait till at least two weeks after the last eclipse (in this case towards the end of August) then wait till then to take any action because you’ll have more equilibrium as the energy is toned down and you’ll be able to see the events of the eclipse roll out in a slightly more balanced way.  There still may be stress and major upheavals but the light slowly reveals the story in episodes and you’ll be in a better position to handle those challenging decisions rather than having made an initial knee-jerk response and then having to fix it on top of everything else.