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Thursday, July 12

There’s a Solar Eclipse occurring Thursday into Friday at 20.41 degrees of Cancer.  This is a big deal mostly because this degree is exactly opposing transiting Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn.  A Solar Eclipse means the sky is dark.  It is a heightened new moon.  It doesn’t mean a fated event will happen in the next two days (although for some that may be true) but the seeds are planted for a fated story to unfold over the course of the next few months.  We also have a second solar eclipse on August 11 as well as a lunar eclipse on July 27 but let’s take one at a time. 
This eclipse in Cancer will have us connect to family, the past, those that we hold close bonds with including friends that form our chosen family.  We may be doing more with real estate or home repairs which would be a physical manifestation that coincides with the emotional psychology of Cancer.  It’s important to delve into the past and understand what it is that forms our conditioned responses to life.  What nurtures and sustains us.  Pluto in opposition to the eclipse degree will dredge up the dark and dirty secrets of the past as well as the power that holds us to the past.  There are secrets that may come to the surface and with Mars and Venus and Mercury retrograde over the course of the next few months there’s a revisiting of all the things we’ve swept under the carpet that need to be examined, dealt with transformed and purged.  How can we create more power rather than be swept away into a bloodbath of terror and fear? 
Some of you may form close collaborations with others in which intimacy can foster even greater growth.  Whatever is going on there is a strong negotiation component to life right now with Pluto involved.  Habit patterns must be changed if growth is to be achieved.  That’s why it’s important to be honest with your intention in partnership with others.  Mars retrograde in Aquarius can help clear the air and get rid of unnecessary clutter. 
People like to be self protective in Cancer and Pluto will rip the shell off the back of the crab and expose the soft underbelly.  That’s a highly vulnerable position to be in.  It’s like having your family ripped apart and everything exposed about your most private and sensitive areas of life. 
Everyone will feel as if they’re in therapy whether or not you’re seeing a professional.  You may develop the power to be your own therapist.  The waves of the sea will wash over you and cleanse and purge that which needs to be wiped away.  This is a long process but the energy is being seeded now.  We have eclipses running through Cancer/Capricorn through 2020 so a lot is changing around home, family, traditions and the structures that hold life together. 
Pluto deals with the bowels and the evolutionary processes of life.  It’s important to be part of the journey and not be too attached and fixed to our material trappings.  Let what needs to die, die…….memories are strong right now……..learn from the past because that will help accommodate the progressive and evolutionary change toward the future.