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Thursday, July 5

Chiron has stationed retrograde at 2.25 Aries over the 4th of July holiday.  Old wounds may resurface that you previously thought you had dealt with to completion.  This happened to me and it wasn’t pleasant but with Chiron you should be kind to yourself and realize that certain types of wounds never go away.  They may lay dormant for a while but eventually rear their ugly head just to remind you that you must accept and forgive and not be so harsh on yourself.  You’re always working to make yourself better and there should be no shame attached.  Be kind 
Today the Sun trines Jupiter which is an aspect of high confidence and creativity.  At the same time Mercury opposes Mars which is an aspect that is fraught with tension and can be argumentative.  So while you may feel confident there is the likelihood of running into disagreements with others about how to implement ideas and tasks.  Don’t be cocky but negotiate.  Used wisely these two aspects combined can accomplish a great deal but try not to have things veer towards arguing.  Keep things in debate and discussion mode.  Listen to others and don’t feel you have all the answers.  All in all this should be a day to achieve a great deal.