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Tuesday, July 10

Venus enters Virgo.  Love becomes hard work and that will be doubly so since Mars is retrograde acting antithetical to his nature.  It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty work out, work through or work away from relationships.  Those that stand the test of time will grow stronger from the analysis and those that are constructed on a foundation of clay may end once the retrogrades are over.  In either scenario you owe it to the relationship to be honest and dig into the problems and work on them.  You need to make a decision either way.  Venus in Virgo will help this process even though it may feel like it’s hurting it.
Venus in Virgo is wonderful for paying extra special attention to your pets and for appreciating and valuing your employees.  That may mean giving them off early on Fridays.  Make a token gesture by showing how much you value them.  A little kindness will go a long way with employees. 
Jupiter is stationing direct so for many this is a great time to travel.  For everyone it’s now time to move forward with more confidence around a project, relationship or other important situation in your life.  Jupiter says to forge ahead, make a new path, take a risk and begin a new journey, especially if you’ve been preparing for it during these past months of his retrograde. 
Jupiter represents the law, religion, foreigners, philosophies and judges so it’s an opportune moment in our history when a new supreme court judge is about to be nominated just as this planet moves forward.