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Wednesday, July 25

To add to the eclipses and the retrograde of Mars, today we have Mercury turning retrograde in the dramatic and showy sign of Leo.  Retrogrades aren’t bad but they do make us rewind and take stock of how we’ve been handling the planetary energy.  Mercury is always about communication, siblings, travel, writing and technical devices as well as our daily work routine and habits.  Leo adds a theme of sticking one’s foot in one’s mouth and speaking in over the top ways and promising more than you can deliver and now will be a time to back track and fix any grandiosity.  Mercury doesn’t do well in this sign it is said, (unless you’re an actor, orator or salesperson) because it overdoes the communication.  It exaggerates and over dramatizes communication so it can be blown out of proportion.  There may be more conflicts with children in this sign and it will also foreshadow the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 11th.  Children, family and the past are all issues in this trifecta of eclipses this summer.  Mercury is asking us to take yet another step back to reflect on how we are communicating with loved ones.  For some, romance with past lovers will be returning for better or worse.  You might want one last fling with a hot connection or you may not depending on what that person is reminding you of. 
Don’t forget that the astrological forecasting lately is very intense – what with all the eclipses, Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde and then Venus turning retrograde in the fall.  That doesn’t mean that things are necessarily “bad” or “negative”.  It’s a stressful summer because it’s a time of review and when we look back at the past often we see what needs to be fixed and that takes effort and a great deal of honest reflection on our part.  Often fated events happen at times like this.  If that’s the case realize it’s part of evolution and growth and sometimes that is painful.  Astrology is not about being full of doom and gloom and adding to a sense of fear but it helps to  map out the energy and be enlightened about the time period.  When you know a time period may be stressful then you deal with events with greater consciousness, awareness and empathy.
It’s a fun night to party and reconnect with friends but double check your plans and give extra time for travel and getting places.