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August 2018

Wednesday, August 29

The Moon is in Aries and Mars has turned direct, so it’s important to pay attention to what the warrior planet is doing in your chart.  Are you feeling angry and volatile or do you feel inspired to move forward in a new direction after a summer of careful re-direction of energy?    Both can be occurring at the same time.  For many this has been a time of great …Read More

Thursday, August 23

The Moon is void of course from 10:19 am until 12:56 pm (DST) so plan accordingly and use those few hours to hang low and don’t initiate anything of major importance.  Those are good hours to process information and work on issues that are already underway and that you have a firm grasp on.    The Moon enters Aquarius after the void and quickly makes a square aspect to Uranus …Read More

Tuesday, August 21

Mercury turned direct over the weekend and there should be further clarification of difficult situations where communication has been blocked.  The second shadow period of Mercury retrograde lasts from  August 19 till September 2.  This is the time when any difficult challenge caused by Mercury retrograde can be resolved.  It’s unlikely in the second shadow for a new Mercurial problem to be initiated, so you can feel fairly confident of …Read More

Saturday, August 11

Today is the Solar Eclipse at 18.42 degrees Leo.  This is a double whammy because Solar Eclipses always involve the power of the Sun which is our identity and will but this one involves the sign of Leo which is also about our identity and will.  Eclipses make us feel eclipsed so what may feel wiped out is our power to tap into our ego, goals, willpower, and identity.  All …Read More

Thursday, August 2

Vesta has turned direct in the sign of Sagittarius.  Expand feelings that keep home and hearth thriving and burning with the warmth of family and group connections.  There’s a great desire to move forward with anything involving group activities.  Women’s groups and organizations, in particular, get a burst of energy under the influence of Vesta.    Today’s Aries Moon continues to emphasize a warrior energy and spirit especially as Mars …Read More

Wednesday, August 1

We’re in the heart of the Lion as they say with the Sun firmly entrenched in the sign of Leo.  Mars is in focus today and that can be a bit disruptive coming off of this past weekend’s lunar eclipse that was closely aligned to a retrograde Mars in Aquarius.  If nothing happened this weekend then today can be a trigger date and if something did happen this past weekend …Read More