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Saturday, August 11

Today is the Solar Eclipse at 18.42 degrees Leo.  This is a double whammy because Solar Eclipses always involve the power of the Sun which is our identity and will but this one involves the sign of Leo which is also about our identity and will.  Eclipses make us feel eclipsed so what may feel wiped out is our power to tap into our ego, goals, willpower, and identity.  All these things may get thrown into the dark for a while because the energy is saying that there’s a new beginning.  Fated new beginnings always are accompanied by a sense of darkness which also includes excitement because we’re not exactly sure where the path will take use. 
Sometimes an event puts us in the dark such as a death or a break-up or the loss of a job and the new adventure is finding the will to get our identity back because we’ve lost a part of us that defined our personality.  In other examples it’s consciously setting a new path or goal, and even though you’re consciously setting the stage, the spotlight is not shining clearly and you have to take a risk and a chance on the new path until more light shines on that path to make it clear where you’re going. 
Leo is a sign that has to do with self-love, loving who your are from the heart and when you do that you can radiate that warmth and generosity out to others.  Other topics are children, romance, hobbies, Father figures, ego drives, sports, entertainment, contentment and a general feeling of happiness at just being alive.  There may be a lack of that feeling because some of that vitality is darkened.
All the retrogrades are doing their job to get you in touch with the past by cleansing and purging and facing those things that have been swept under the carpet.  You have to stare them directly in the face right now and come to terms, if not now then during the next six months, but chances are you’ve already discovered what it is you have to deal with. 
Get heart centered as much as possible and repeat and repeat to yourself even at your lowest point that love is the only way, love is the only way, love is the only way……… There are many ways of understanding, showing and demonstrating love, and not all of them come with a great feeling of joy, but they all come with doing what is right, noble and honorable and ultimately it’s about gaining pride for who you are, what you do and how you radiate your sense of self to others.