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Thursday, August 23

The Moon is void of course from 10:19 am until 12:56 pm (DST) so plan accordingly and use those few hours to hang low and don’t initiate anything of major importance.  Those are good hours to process information and work on issues that are already underway and that you have a firm grasp on. 
The Moon enters Aquarius after the void and quickly makes a square aspect to Uranus which doesn’t bode well for things going according to schedule or as planned, so stay flexible.  The Sun entering Virgo today should aid in your ability to be mutable and go with the flow and change course.  When the Sun enters a mutable sign like Virgo it is better able to deal with being adaptable especially when it concerns creative projects and work challenges.  The details are important but also remaining open to change and making things better for the sake of improvement, so remember that if you’re thrown off balance or off kilter today. 
Keep a bird’s eye view and don’t necessarily stick to the plan as defined by the status quo.  Virgo is a sign that starts to prepare for the autumn season so you’ll definitely start to feel that summer is coming to a close and there are things to prepare in order to get back to work as Labor Day approaches.  You should still enjoy summer activities but keep an eye on some prep work, but don’t overdo it!