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Tuesday, August 21

Mercury turned direct over the weekend and there should be further clarification of difficult situations where communication has been blocked.  The second shadow period of Mercury retrograde lasts from  August 19 till September 2.  This is the time when any difficult challenge caused by Mercury retrograde can be resolved.  It’s unlikely in the second shadow for a new Mercurial problem to be initiated, so you can feel fairly confident of doing things like buying a car or other large purchase items and initiating new contacts and work projects.  Any type of review should be completed and you now can move forward at a quicker speed.  
The Capricorn Moon is a hard working one but it’s also one of enjoying the fruits of your hard labor by spending money on vacations and fun activities which you earned.  You can now pay for the best if you so desire as we are in the last days of August when so many are taking time off.  If you do have hard work to accomplish then this Moon will gladly put you in the mood for hard work and achievement.  You can be disciplined today as well as breaking out of the box and taking a well considered chance and risk.  Going in an opposite direction of the group or team may prove to be beneficial.