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Wednesday, August 1

We’re in the heart of the Lion as they say with the Sun firmly entrenched in the sign of Leo.  Mars is in focus today and that can be a bit disruptive coming off of this past weekend’s lunar eclipse that was closely aligned to a retrograde Mars in Aquarius.  If nothing happened this weekend then today can be a trigger date and if something did happen this past weekend things can be triggered even further today. 
Mars squares Uranus and while the Moon travels through Aries.  This is an aspect of high volatility, being accident prone and acting in quick and decisive ways.  It’s also about acting in a knee-jerk fashion and moving too quickly and not thinking before acting.  Because of the recent lunar eclipse along with Uranus slowing down in the sky approaching it’s retrograde station on August 7th, today can be rather tumultuous.  It really all depends on whether these aspects effect planets in your natal chart.  There is high emotionalism and the mood can be loud and boisterous. 
If you know a confrontation is imminent it may be fruitless to try avoiding it but be aware of the firecracker energy.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Deal with things as directly, openly and honestly as possible. 
The eclipse energy is still very strong and on the surface and so events can erupt at a moment’s notice.  It doesn’t take much to set people off these days.  A Mars/Uranus aspect can positively bring quick and decisive leadership and requires one to act quick on their feet especially in moments of danger and risk.  This is an aspect of high courage and taking charge.  Saturn can help bring a level-headedness to situations and restraint through a steadier and more consistent release of power and energy.