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Wednesday, August 29

The Moon is in Aries and Mars has turned direct, so it’s important to pay attention to what the warrior planet is doing in your chart.  Are you feeling angry and volatile or do you feel inspired to move forward in a new direction after a summer of careful re-direction of energy? 
Both can be occurring at the same time.  For many this has been a time of great loss.  Perhaps it is accompanied by rage or the feeling of having to reinvigorate life by taking action to move forward.  It’s time to build new structures and break out of the old chains that have bound you, whether or not you’ve been released from those chains consciously or through events beyond your control. 
Important events happen around the stations.  John McCain died on the station of Mars and he’s the perfect embodiment of what Mars in Capricorn represents.  He was a military man of high status and reputation and he fought for his country.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn especially at the 28th degree so he is an outer manifestation of what this planetary energy symbolizes for us on a collective level.  Fighting with integrity, honor and keeping at a goal like a mountain goat climbing to the summit of a mountain.  He was a warrior and a maverick and faced life on the battlefield of war as well as the battlefield of politics. He was a well respected old goat who fought until the day he died. 
We’ve also recently had a solar eclipse in Leo and have had   extremely famous people die that were leaders in their professions and embodied archetypes:  Aretha Franklin, John McCain, Barbara Harris and Neil Simon are the big notables that come to mind.  All of these people were tops in their profession and won the hearts and respect of millions. Three our of the four I mentioned were icons the entertainment field which makes sense as the eclipse was in Leo and McCain had the fame that a Leo eclipse require.  Even when an eclipse is not in Leo, because it involves the Sun, we often hear about famous people dying. Lights are often extinguished on a solar eclipse because there are new births being made to replace the old energy.