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September 2018

Thursday, September 27

Chiron has retrograded back into Pisces and Venus is in her shadow about to turn retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th so there’s a great deal of pain and suffering from the past that is due for a revision, a revisit and recalibration.  The Supreme Court hearing happening today is coming at an interesting time since it brings up issues from the past that go way back to the Anita …Read More

Monday, September 24

Today’s Aries full moon has a leaden effect due to the influence of Saturn and Chiron.  Full Moon’s have the power to bring things to light and culmination.  Aries is a sign that is traditionally quick, decisive, action-oriented and loud.  It is blatant, bold and right in your face.  Saturn demands caution and likes to hold back and ponder and consider carefully the action it takes.  It is measured, stalwart …Read More

Wednesday, September 19

The past few days we’ve been in the grip of a strong Mars/Uranus square.  This is an accident prone aspect as well as losing one’s temper rather quickly, abruptly and at a moment’s notice when you least expect it.  This aspect can cause tenseness amongst friends.  It can also be very good for finding courage under fire and performing at rapid speed and being quick as a lightning bolt.  Flashes …Read More

Sunday, September 9

Today is the Virgo New Moon so the intention is towards taking action with hard work and being efficient and putting the nose to the grindstone.  Saturn’s direction motion adds to the seriousness of purpose and consciously placing one’s focus on long term achievement and goals.    Venus is in her shadow period.  Today the love goddess enters Scorpio where she’ll remain through the end of October, before retrograding back …Read More

Saturday, September 1

 The Moon is indulgent Taurus today and the aspect that will personally be felt is a square to Mercury.  This doesn’t have to be about miscommunication but if it is, this combination can be dramatic and explosive especially if the miscommunication is about how to spend money on entertainment and having fun. Someone may be more value conscious then another and there could be a tug of war where one …Read More